The Duties of the Westfield Police Department Detective Bureau

When people think of police detectives, investigating crimes comes to mind. While this is an important part of a police detective’s work, they may be called upon to perform a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Lieutenant Leonard “Leo” Lugo, a decorated veteran of the Westfield Police Department in Westfield Township, New Jersey, served in several capacities, first as the Detective Sergeant and later the Commander of the Westfield PD Detective Bureau.

Organization of the Bureau

The Westfield PD Detective Bureau is comprised of:

School resource officers in Westfield area schools also report to the Detective Bureau. In all, the personnel of the Detective Bureau supports the patrol division by investigating crimes, address citizen concerns, and provide services for other area government entities.

Duties of the Detective Bureau

Investigating serious crimes is a fundamental part of the Westfield Detective Bureau. Each investigation begins with the management and processing of crime scenes, collecting evidence, and obtaining sworn written, and video statements from witnesses. The Bureau handles a wide range of investigatory duties, including:

In 2017 alone, the Bureau was responsible for conducting almost 700 investigations.

Additional Responsibilities of the Detective Bureau

The Westfield PD Detective Bureau is tasked with conducting background checks for all municipal employees hired by the Department of Public Works, the Library, Fire Rescue, Recreation, and Police Department.

In addition, the Bureau manages and investigates registered sex offenders under the federal Megan’s Law. This includes initial registration as well as 90-day and annual checks of offenders.

Some of the other duties of the Bureau include:

Every day presents a different challenge and a new responsibility for the Westfield PD Detective Bureau. Leo Lugo and his team are dedicated professionals sworn to improve the lives and safety of residents in the Westfield area.

Patrol supervisior for the Westfield New Jersey police department. Over 15 years of experience as a lt. in the detective division and a recognized investiagtor