When people think of police detectives, investigating crimes comes to mind. While this is an important part of a police detective’s work, they may be called upon to perform a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Lieutenant Leonard “Leo” Lugo, a decorated veteran of the Westfield Police Department in Westfield Township, New Jersey, served in several capacities, first as the Detective Sergeant and later the Commander of the Westfield PD Detective Bureau.

Organization of the Bureau

The Westfield PD Detective Bureau is comprised of:

  • Detective-Commander
  • Detective Sergeant
  • Four Detectives
  • Two plainclothes officers

School resource officers in Westfield area schools also report to the Detective…

Leonard Lugo, Westfield, New Jersey Police Lt.

The fundamental mission of the Westfield Police Detective Bureau is to support the Patrol Division and to conduct investigations related to crimes and serious incidents. The goal of the bureau is to identify and arrest perpetrators of crimes and recover stolen property. The Patrol Division is given the initial responsibility for field reporting and investigation, follow-up investigative efforts are carried out by Westfield Police Detectives. Detectives are responsible for developing cases that will ultimately lead to the arrest and conviction of those persons responsible for crimes that are committed within our jurisdiction. Investigations require the interviewing of victims and witnesses…

Leonard Lugo, Westfield Police

Patrol supervisior for the Westfield New Jersey police department. Over 15 years of experience as a lt. in the detective division and a recognized investiagtor

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